MAOMMaster of Arts in Organizational Management (degree; various universities)
MAOMMasters of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
MAOMMassachusetts Open Minds (Destination ImagiNation affiliate in Massachusetts)
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The macro fraction consistently had lower SOC concentrations than the bulk samples; the micro fraction and MAOM fractions had higher SOC concentrations than the bulk samples.
The relative degree of aggregation (Table 2) shows that the macro fraction is highly aggregated and that the particles in this fraction appear to be primarily derived from the MAOM fraction, as the increase in RDA of the macro fraction is nearly identical to the decrease in RDA of the MAOM fraction.
Despite the lower stability of mineral-associated SOC than aggregate-associated SOC, the MAOM fraction had radiocarbon ages of centuries to millennia in the subsoil, indicating a much greater stability of mineral-associated SOC below the soil surface than at the surface.
Suzanne Legander, SA, MAOM, is the Site Administrator at the Washington House Clinic for ValueOptions of Arizona.
Shauna Pearce, RN, MAOM, director of Organizational Excellence at Good Samaritan Hospital and a CAPE examiner, also received the CAPE Examiner of the Year award for demonstrating outstanding teamwork, initiative, and communication.
Cassie Newell, MAOM, was the clinical trials manager for the trial at Teva Neuroscience, Inc.
2007)--"E-Learning Answers: Real-time Nurse Manager Orientation" was written by Pamela Shellner, RN, BSN, MAOM, AACN clinical practice specialist.