MAOPMaximum Allowable Operating Pressure
MAOPMid-Atlantic Association of Oracle Professionals
MAOPMid Atlantic Oncology Program
MAOPMaryland Association of Osteopathic Physicians
MAOPMaster Air Operations Planner
MAOPMeharry Association of Office Personnel
MAOPManagers' Annual Operating Plan
MAOPMilitary Assistance Officer Program (US DoD)
MAOPMaster of Arts in Organizational Psychology (various universities)
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The MAOP Calculator equips pipeline companies with a completely customizable solution capable of performing extensive analysis, tracking and reporting on the data available in the pipeline company s current GIS.
2012, PHMSA was supposed to have published a final rule by June 2013 establishing the testing requirements for MAOP.
The distribution system s MAOP is 25 PSIG; however, we have approximately 2200 ft.
With alternative MAOP pipelines operating at up to 80% SMYS, PHMSA wanted to eliminate any potential low-strength pipe in these pipelines.
At the same time, the company discovered discrepancies in the information that was originally submitted to support the pipeline's MAOP.
Eliminating the allowance to combine equipment loading stresses will essentially increase the internal test pressure of the mill tests for new pipe to be operated at an alternative MAOP.
An engineer in possession of an instrument that is capable of assessing and virtually modeling an anomaly, recording the findings, and performing all three MAOP calculations, would be immensely more efficient than one who must do all three tasks manually.
Then a second report must be completed by July 3, 2013, telling the PHMSA where verification records are insufficient to confirm the established MAOP of a given segment, and where MAOP "exceeds the build-up allowed for operation of pressure-limiting or control devices .
Commercializes PG&E's MAOP Validation Calculator for North American Pipeline Industry
On or before September 22 Member: $150 Nonmember: $175/a September 23 - October 13 Member: $200 Nonmember: $225/a After October 13 Member: $250 Nonmember: $275/a /a: Includes a one year membership in MAOP.
However, it has been talking with oil pipelines about extending any new MAOP requirements to their facilities, though the 2011 law makes no mention of hazardous liquid pipelines.
The team oversees the massive effort to validate our pipelines' MAOP, records verification and management, the production of maps, data quality, and technology and tools.