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MAP2Microtubule-Associated Protein 2
MAP2Major Antigenic Protein 2 (microbiology)
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Finally, the mean percentage of MAP2 positive cells was 62 [+ or -] 10% that increased in Paroxetine treated group in comparison with control group (38 [+ or -] 31) (Figure 4).
MAP2 was detected 72 h after the treatment under immunofluorescence microscope (Olympus, Japan) at 20x objective as described previously (Gaikwad and Agrawal-Rajput, 2015) using specific mouse monoclonal anti-MAP2 (1:1000) and Secondary antibody (goat anti-mouse IgG/IgM Alexaflour 488/543 (1:5000) (Invitrogen).
La proporcion de los distintos tipos celulares se determino mediante la cuantificacion de las imagenes provenientes del triple marcaje de los nucleos celulares marcados con DAPI, celulas con marcaje positivo para MAP2 y celulas con marcaje positivo para GFAP.
El analisis de la ramificacion dendritica, se realizo calculando la relacion entre el area ocupada por las fibras inmunomarcadas para MAP2 y el area total del campo.
Selective localization of messenger RNA for cytoskeletal protein MAP2 in dendrites.
Mutation in the human copper/zinc SOD gene results in defects in neurite outgrowth, leading to the decrease in the amount of NFs and MAP2 (Lee et al.
Orbital Food Machinery, Europe's largest supplier of processing and packaging equipment, will be re-launching the MAP2 modified atmosphere bulk gas flushing machine, already in use in several large processing factories.
En el caso de la Figura 7, esto sucede cuando el nodo movil cambia del MAP1 al MAP2 a traves de los routers AR2 y AR3 respectivamente.
These expressed the neuronal marker including NeuN, MAP2, and doublecortin on fluorescent immunohistochemistry.
CMTS receives the request at t5, then it schedules all the requests received from the remaining CMs and sends out a message MAP2 at t6.