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MAPAIModified American Plan All Inclusive
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Before 1967, the religious Zionists held a pragmatic worldview in the name of which they allied with the mainstream MAPAI.
57) Mapai and other parties, on the other hand, generally preferred a unicameral legislature.
Moreover, the Yesha Council's political clout by far exceeds the size of its constituency, in many ways resembling the influence wielded by the kibbutzim during the heyday of Mapai.
In February 1948 during a Mapai party meeting and in response to a question of Israel's link to Jerusalem, since Israel had no land joining the city under U.
These notions became models for most Arab Israelis who sought political legitimacy in parties like Mapai and Mapam--what are today Israel's Labour and Likud parties.
Parties like Labour in Britain, Australia, and New Zealand, the CCF in Canada, and Israel's Mapai were never Marxist, but they were socialist.
86) The combined power of the religious parties was enough to give Ben Gurion's party, Mapai, the support that it needed.
In the beginning, and for almost 40 years, the Mapai Party (The Workers Party), was the leading party.
Had the issue of Judaism and democracy arisen 40 years ago, at least one segment of the country's elite, that identified with Ben-Gurion and Mapai, rather than with the more radical leftist party, Mapam, would have argued forcefully that Judaism and Jewish values were entirely consistent with those of a democratic society.
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Orr wrote that his political education began with the seamens' strike of 1951 in Haifa, a strike attacked by the labour union Histradut and the ruling party Mapai.