MAPBGAMold Array Process-Ball Grid Array (electronics)
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3V 209 MAPBGA is expected to sample in 4Q00 with full production in 1Q01.
100 LQFP, 144 LQFP, 176 LQFP, 208 MAPBGA and VertiCal Calibration System package options available depending on flash memory
3V I/O -- Low-power operation for energy-efficient designs -- Total device power of less than 1W (running Linux OS with example applications, such as WebServer and MP3 decode and playback) -- Approximately 380 mW core power at 410 DMIPS -- Lowest stop mode approximately 6 mW -- Highly flexible power-management modes including low-power run capability -- Temperature ranges: 0 degrees C to +70 degrees C, -40 degrees C to +85 degrees C -- Packages: 360 PBGA, 256 MAPBGA