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MAPLEManaging and Planning Learning Environments (University of British Columbia; Canada)
MAPLEMultipurpose Applied Physics Lattice Experiment (Reactor)
MAPLEMulti Agent Planning and Learning (University of Maryland, Baltimore County)
MAPLEMidwest Alliance for Professional Learning (Learning First Alliance)
MAPLEMadelung Part of Lattice Energy
MAPLEMostly Annoying Programming Language Ever :-)
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I assure you, Miss Woodhouse, it is very delightful to me, to be reminded of a place I am so extremely partial to as Maple Grove.
The girl was hardly out of sight when two men turned aside beneath the maple shade.
The traveller put his horse into a quick walk up the village, but when he approached the Green, the beauty of the view that lay on his right hand, the singular contrast presented by the groups of villagers with the knot of Methodists near the maple, and perhaps yet more, curiosity to see the young female preacher, proved too much for his anxiety to get to the end of his journey, and he paused.
Although the evergreens still held dominion over many of the hills that rose on this side of the valley, yet the undulating outlines of the distant mountains, covered with forests of beech and maple, gave a relief to the eye, and the promise of a kinder soil.
The country bordering on the river is finely diversified with prairies and hills, and forests of oak, ash, maple, and cedar.
As they went, he plucked a branch of maple to serve for a walking stick, and began to strip it of the twigs and little boughs, which were wet with evening dew.
Button-Bright was glad the Candy Man stayed in the Throne Room, because the boy thought this guest smelled deliciously of wintergreen and maple sugar.
Stop under the big maple till I call then you can't possibly see anything," added Mac, as he mounted her on the pony his father had sent up for his use.
A jug of maple sirup--I brought it along from the store and set it down here to open the door.
She had discovered that a lane opened out below the apple orchard and ran up through a belt of woodland; and she had explored it to its furthest end in all its delicious vagaries of brook and bridge, fir coppice and wild cherry arch, corners thick with fern, and branching byways of maple and mountain ash.
I met him one day last week back in the maple woods when I was looking for ferns.
The wagon had passed by, rustling down the road, which was carpeted with fallen leaves of maple, oak, and alder.