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MAPOMary Poppins
MAPOMoscow Aircraft Production Organization (Russia; est. 1995)
MAPOMartin A Pomerantz Observatory
MAPOMultiple Assembly of Procurement Officials
MAPOMaryland Association of Professional Organizers
MAPOManufacturing and Production Organization (Disney)
MAPOMagazina Popullore (Popular Store; Albanian term describing the supermarkets during the communist regime)
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Mapo Bridge also now features an "Image Zone" that displays photos of smiling children and families, along with a brass statue of two friends, called "Just Once Again.
Samsung Life Insurance has contributed to social change at Mapo Bridge in South Korea.
The Photo Mapo iPhone app can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store.
MAPO Pls have the ability to crosslink the coating but yellowing was unacceptable at high concentrations.
Peng brings the world of flavours he has grown up with to the Pan Asian, so don't expect to be overwhelmed by the Kashmiri red chillies that are central to the Chinjabi story -- though I must add here that you won't find Tea Smoked Duck or Mapo Duofu on the menu.
When Mapo returns to the land of the living she is only appearance.
The Middle East dispute is not made up of a single issue, but as the above omind mapo illustrates, the conflict is a compilation of multifaceted issues, all of which must be addressed simultaneously.
3F Mapo Tower Building 418-1 Mapo-dong, Mapo-gu 121-734 Korea
Scientists conducted a clinical trial at the Mapo Pain Clinic in South Korea to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of a Korean Angelica extract known as Decursinol-50[TM].
smithii Yangzhai village, Mapo Xiang, DQ285455 Yuzhong county, Ganshu, China B.
Table 3 -- Photoinitiator Descriptions Photoinitiator Type (a) Irgacure 1850 BAPO & [alpha]-HK Irgacure 1870 BAPO Darocur 4265 [alpha]-HK & MAPO Irgacure 819 BAPO Irgacure 907 [alpha]-AK Irgacure 2022 BAPO & [alpha]-HK Irgacure 2100 PO Lucirin TPO-L BAPO Irgacure 184 [alpha]-HK Irgacure 500 [alpha]-HK & benzophenone Irgacure 754 phenylglyoxylate (a) BAPO = bis acyl phosphine oxide, MAPO = mono acyl phosphine oxide, [alpha]-AK = [alpha]-aminoketone, [alpha]-HK = [alpha]-hydroxyketone, PO = phosphine oxide.