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MAPPINGManagement and Planning Programs Involving Nonmetropolitan Groups (Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs)
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Physical mapping of the beige critical region on mouse chromosome 13.
State geologists are mapping liquefaction and landslide hazards in quake-prone areas throughout California under state legislation passed after the Loma Prieta Earthquake in the Bay Area in 1989.
These may suggest an approach for mapping the piece.
National mapping program technical instructions, standards for digital raster graphics.
Chapters 5 and 6 discuss how crime mapping influences decision making.
Health and environment information systems based on GIS may be useful in the risk assessment process (for exposure assessment, for disease mapping, for assessing health risks associated with point sources of pollution, and for estimating the numbers of people at risk).
In addition to the geological features recorded by Lewis and Clark, GIS mapping technology can detail living systems, such as tree canopy.
Above all, says Groshek, green mapping is encouraging the re-discovery of communities.
To enhance the mapping process, GSWWC gathered other data, including historic documents, flood plain and utility maps, forest service data, aerial photographs, and topography maps.
The Santa Barbara-based mapping company, known best for publishing comprehensive high-quality maps, has now made available in print its exclusive Online Reference Collection, consisting of many world, continent, country, and thematic maps.
By 2000 one began to see more libraries offering Web mapping services, making the GIS content available to a much broader audience, including those who otherwise lacked the skills, software, and data access ordinarily needed to utilize GIS content.
Poverty mapping using GIS capabilities is being sponsored by governments and nongovernmental organizations on every continent.