MAPTMicrotubule-Associated Protein Tau
MAPTMissed Approach Point (aviation)
MAPTMulti-Attribute Prioritisation Tool
MAPTMaintenance Activation Planning Team
MAPTMulti-Agency Project Team (UK)
MAPTMassachusetts Association for Pupil Transportation
MAPTMulti-attribute Arthritis Prioritisation Tool (Australia)
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An analysis of the cis-effects showed that several genetic variants in the MAPT region showed a significant association to the expression of multiple nearby genes, including gene LOC644246, the duplicated genes LRRC37A and LRRC37A2 and the gene DCAKD.
An examination of trans-effects revealed 23 DNA sequence variations that reached statistical significance involving variants from the SNCA, MAPT and RIT2 genes.
Briefing by the MAPT team of the forward translators and checkers
Comments (by email) by the MAPT team on any noted discrepancies between the English source text and the back translation
Our study shows that genotypes for NACP and MAPT can be used as a surrogate marker for the estimated rate of Parkinson's disease progression, with positive predictive values of 94-100 percent for certain genotypes," she said.
123 patients with Parkinson's disease underwent genetic testing to determine NACP-Rep 1 and MAPT H1 allele or genotype.
Craig Wang, COO of VIRUN stated, "We are pleased to have been granted this patent for our MAPT invention.
These antimitotic inhibitors target MAPT (Microtubule-Associated Protein Tau) deficient tumors, a common feature of solid tumors, and have performed better than Docetaxel (Taxotere) in the difficult to treat direct patient xenograft models of pancreatic cancer (Journal of the National Cancer Institute, Vol.
The message we're trying to get across is very simple -- the law requires motorists to stop when the overhead red lights of a school bus are flashing," says Louk Markham, of Portage Schools and past President of the MAPT.
AAA and the MAPT co-sponsor this event each year to recognize the importance of the school bus driver's role in keeping each school year safe for our students," Basch says.
Under the agreement, Illinois BancService Corporation now sponsors several trust and investment programs offered by MAPT to Illinois financial institutions, including all IBA members.
Southwick will serve as the President and Chief Executive Officer of MAPT.