MAQMaximizing Access and Quality (USAID initiative)
MAQMortgage Advice Qualification
MAQManuel d'Assurance Qualité (French: Quality Assurance Manual)
MAQMaximum Annual Quantity (gas)
MAQMedication Adherence Questionnaire
MAQMarine Art Quarterly (periodical)
MAQMilitary Allowance for Quarters
MAQMaximum Authorized Quantity
MAQMinimum Accountable Quantity
MAQMining and Quarrying (various locations)
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The MAQ (Roney-Dougal & SolfVin, 2011) assessed the number of years the participants had practiced different disciplines, such as breathing techniques (pranayama) and different types of meditation practice, and the number and duration of meditation retreats the person had completed.
Finally, if group differences were found for the MSEI and MAQ we planned in the fourth phase of the analyses to conduct exploratory analyses of group differences in the four subscales of the MAQ, and four of the MSEI subscales.
Abbreviations: BHS = Beck Hopelessness Scale, ISMIS = Internalized Stigma of Mental Illness Scale, MAQ = Multidimensional Anxiety Questionnaire, PANSS = Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale, SCID = Structured Clinical Interview for the Diagnostic Statistical Manual IV, VAMC = Department of Veterans Affairs medical center, WCQ = Ways of Coping Questionnaire.
Kuberan Perumal, MAQ secretary, hoped to see his colleagues and people who have attended the bazr every year.
Truog RD, Cist AFM, Brackett SE, Burns JP, Curley MAQ, Danis M, DeVita MA, Rosenbaum SH, Rothenberg DM, Sprung CL, Webb SA, Wlody GS, Hurford WE.
MAQ committee member Farhan Rashid said they had been organising the event annually since Malaysian food could not be bought easily in Qatar.
MAQ Software has standardized its infrastructure worldwide on Microsoft Windows Server 2003
Greg Pogonowski -- DipPFS, MAQ, CertCII(MP), MDRT -- is an independent financial adviser, working with Pinnacle Asset & Wealth Management.
Her most recent article based on FAR research, "The Ongoing Preparation Gap in Accounting Education: A Call to Action," appears in the Spring 2010 issue of MAQ, and part two of that series will be published in the Summer 2010 issue.
eClinicalWorks MAQ Dashboards make it easy for doctors to attest.
The MAQ Dashboards within the system made it easy to evaluate our performance for each measure, thereby helping us focus on measures that needed increased attention and documentation in preparation for successfully attesting to meaningful use.
The MAQ Dashboards, road shows and Meaningful Use Assessment that the company provides played an important role in our practice achieving meaningful use.