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MARAMAMid-Atlantic Regional Air Management Association (Baltimore, MD, USA)
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Marama Davidson, the MP who this month replaces former Green Party leader Russel Norman, has also signed the pledge.
dissertation (2009): Titiro Whakamuri Kia Marama Ai Te Wao Nei: Whakapapa Epistemologies and Maniapoto Maori Cultural Identities.
This study was sponsored by the MARAMA II Project EU FP6 Contract No.
The Courier Mail has named the naked surfer, who has "get naked, get sustainable" inscribed on her boards, as 32-year-old New Zealander Marama.
Bianchi trained Clintonian Rick Marama, renowned as the Greatest Bench Presser in the World, pressing 710.
Turkey has been in the minds of the Egyptians for months now especially with the talk of Turkish scenario , the admiration of the Islamists with the AKP's experience and last but not least the Turkish reaction from Mavi Marama.
Thus emerged the human environment of Te Ao Marama (the world of light).
Such a statement "rubs a lot of salt in the wound" with the "Israeli terrorism that targeted the Marama having led to the death of nine activists," and it is full of errors.
Superb doubles from Kevin Gameiro and Marama Vahirua plus a single strike from Morgan Amalfitano sealed the rout.
Athyali, whose mother had been so challenged at the Kerala Marama convention in the 1920s by Sadhu Sundar Singh's accounts of his trips through Nepal to Tibet that she dedicated her unborn child to be a missionary to Nepal.
She emigrated to New Zealand with her husband in 1972 and has four children Samantha, 36, Stephen, 34, Marama, 28, and James, 26.
A study by Marama and Ogunrombi (1996) confirms high unavailability of library and information science (LIS) collections in most Nigerian university libraries, which had a negative effect on the use of information sources in the libraries studied.