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MARCOMicroelectronics Advanced Research Corporation
MARCOMaritime Consulting
MARCOMayors and Regional Chairs of Ontario (Ontario, Canada)
MARCOMonitoring and Reporting Community Outcomes (New Zealand)
MARCOMultilevel Advanced Railways Conflict Resolution and Operation Control
MARCOMassachusetts Association of Community Rehabilitation Organizations, Inc. (formerly MARF)
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And Marco, there's another thing which you must permit -- out of kindness for Jones -- because you wouldn't want to offend him.
It tickled Marco to the marrow to hear about such an odd character; but it also prepared him for acci- dents; and in my experience when you travel with a king who is letting on to be something else and can't remember it more than about half the time, you can't take too many precautions.
So I got rid of Marco, by sending him off to invite the mason and the wheelwright, which left the field free to me.
Expanding on the success of the Marco Polo Ortigas, Manila's Dining Privileges program launched one year ago, Hospitality Marketing Concepts (HMC) has collaborated closely with Marco Polo Hotels to create an engaging loyalty program to meet the needs in its three hotels in Hong Kong and exceed the expectations of Marco Polo's prestigious client base.
Marco made its recent announcement revealing that more than PS2million is being invested in 2015, enabling the business to signifi-cantly ramp up production by employing the latest cutting edge technology to replace or operate alongside existing infrastructure.
To celebrate Marco s amazing achievement, his colleagues are holding a Bacon & Egg Roll Breaky where they ll be calling for a final big push of donations to boost his fund tally.
Both Marco and Fionna secured places in the Great Britain team to compete at next year's 24-hour World Champs.
Marco, who is named after the legendary Black Cats striker Marco Gabbiadini, said the man asked him for a fight before lunging at him and biting his ear.
Marco, worth pounds 25million and dubbed the "godfather of haute in 1992 Th T ey cuisine", met Mati in 1992.
Former Hell's Kitchen host Marco, 50 - in jeans and looking entirely relaxed - strolled away with Silent Witness star Emilia, 38.
Chef Marco Pierre White However, respected hotelier Mark Davies - who used to run Hotel du Vin in Church Street - has recently been brought in and he is confident that the restaurant is heading in the right direction and the visit of the chef who's name's above the door has been a real fillip for everyone.
Chef Pawan Handa and her son Tanveer, from the Horseshoe Bar and Restaurant, on Stratford Road, in Hall Green, will appear before Marco on his Kitchen Wars Show, on Channel Five at 9pm.