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MARENAMinisterio del Ambiente Y Recursos Naturales (Spanish: Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources; Nicaragua)
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Here we have institutions like MARENA or even city governments that have been stripped of their authority.
For general discussion, see Christopher Alcantara, "Individual Property Rights on Canadian Indian Reserves: The Emergence and Jurisprudence of Certificates of Possession" (2003) 23 Canadian Journal of Native Studies 391; Marena Brinkhurst & Anke Kessler, "Land Management on First Nations Reserves: Lawful Possession and its Determinants" (2013) 8 Journal of Aboriginal Economic Development 78 (on extent of use).
Marena C, Gervino D, Pistorio A, Azzaretti S, Chiesa P, Lodola L, et al.
Sitting on a street corner waiting to be offered work, 28-year-old Marena Tolde Brahan from Eritrea says that he, like many of his countrymen, fled to Israel to escape forced conscription into the military.
In this case, Messer Ebrima Barrow, Momodou Ousman Saho (Dumo), Momodou Marena, Ebrima Yabo, Lieutenant Lallo Jaiteh and Lieutenant Omar Darboe, all accused of treasonable offences and taken to court, were acquitted and accordingly discharged by the High Court in 2003.
Mum Irene, dad Jimmy, their daughter Marena and son Kevin made a stand after ditching diets in favour of changing the way they live.
Literekeng tse ling ho bile ho na le marena a manga bitsoang a Libaka, empa ao maikutlong a rona a sa o feteng ka letho.
5 stones Irene and Jimmy and daughter Marena, from Anstruther, Fife, inspired one another to lose weight - despite living by an award-winning chippy.
Commercial Director Marena Hyatt-Willis explained: "As a company which prides itself on offering good value family entertainment, we feel that we have to act now, to let people know that we are continuing to operate as a destination for fun and entertainment while focusing even more heavily on our offers to adults and families.
We pull up outside a small farmhouse surrounded by fields which is home to Marena, her younger sister Ola and their parents.