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MARENAMinisterio del Ambiente Y Recursos Naturales (Spanish: Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources; Nicaragua)
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I knew how great it had been for my daughter Marena, so we decided that would be the starting place for us.
Hona joale ke sa bona taba e le 'ngoe feela, e ka re thusang, e leng ea hore marena ana a boleloang, ao ho thoeng ke a Libaka, ha a na thuto e kaalo ka ea hao, 'me ba 'Muso ba tia u tlatsa hore u neoe litulo tse o Iokelang, tse lokelang thuto ena ea hao, e leng eona ntho e batlwang haholo matsatsing ana.
Marena is like any other 16-year-old girl, with a bedroom crammed with cuddly toys and posters of pop stars on her wall.
Butler, Bonnie Greene, Edward Wong, Katharine Bryson, Marlo Javier DeLuca, Cresio Romeu Pareira, Claudia Vallone Silva, Juan Menares, Jerome Robert, Stefan Weber, Marena Carlo, Kenji Kono, Najwa A.
Marena Fort, Glenmore, Pennsylvania, gained a scholarship worth $1,000 to Earlham College, in Richmond, Indiana.
Milkman Mario Marena, who took a wrong turn and drove his milk float on the M1.
The Premier healthcare alliance announced today that new agreements for therapeutic compression garments have been awarded to The Marena Group Inc.
Federal police agent Erika Marena said police are investigating the possible involvement of more foreign companies and 750 infrastructure projects.
For example, the push-to-fix function is hardware-controlled through a single general purpose input and output (GPIO); simply switch on the GPIO to receive National Marena Electronics Association (NMEA) strings containing location, time and velocity information.
Allen and Story, along with Marena Works, in creating and implementing School-based vaccination clinics for H1N1 immunization, discovered an effective way of administering vaccine to large numbers of children in the event of a community medical emergency.
Daughter Marena encouraged them to join Scottish Slimmers, and Irene and Jimmy also started walking every night for 45 minutes around Anstruther.
Elizabeth Watson, Richard Black, and Elizabeth Harrison, Reconstruction of Natural Resource Management Institutions in Post-Conflict Situations: A Framework for Research, Marena Research Project Working Paper No.