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MARESMuscle Atrophy Research and Exercise System (US NASA)
MARESMassachusetts Association for Recreation and Employee Services
MARESMarine Corps Automated Readiness Evaluation System
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heels were now armed, began to make the worthy Prior repent of his courtesy, and ejaculate, ``Nay, but fair sir, now I bethink me, my Malkin abideth not the spur Better it were that you tarry for the mare of our manciple down at the Grange, which may be had in little more than an hour, and cannot but be tractable, in respect that she draweth much of our winter fire-wood, and eateth no corn.
But I had no time to pursue these reflections; for the gray horse came to the door, and made me a sign to follow him into the third room where I saw a very comely mare, together with a colt and foal, sitting on their haunches upon mats of straw, not unartfully made, and perfectly neat and clean.
In boyhood I longed to be an Arab of the desert and have a beautiful mare, and call her Selim or Benjamin or Mohammed, and feed her with my own hands, and let her come into the tent, and teach her to caress me and look fondly upon me with her great tender eyes; and I wished that a stranger might come at such a time and offer me a hundred thousand dollars for her, so that I could do like the other Arabs--hesitate, yearn for the money, but overcome by my love for my mare, at last say, "Part with thee, my beautiful one
It was like a weary pilgrimage amongst hints for night- mares.
You're as different from other women as that kind of a mare is from scrub work-horse mares.
Eight as good mares as ever travelled in gears, besides a foal that is worth thirty of the brightest Mexicans that bear the face of the King of Spain.
Among the rest of the supplies sent to my tenants in the island, I sent them by the sloop three milch cows and five calves; about twenty-two hogs, among them three sows; two mares, and a stone- horse.
This was a tall chestnut mare, with a long handsome neck.
I hope Uncle Pumblechook's mare mayn't have set a fore-foot on a piece o' ice, and gone down.
I accommodated him by taking the horse, though it was against my will, for I'd got an itch for a mare o' Jortin's--as rare a bit o' blood as ever you threw your leg across.
Then she peeled it, ate it, and threw the rind out of the window, and it so happened that a mare that was running loose in the court below ate up the rind.
He had gone but a few paces into the wood, when he saw a mare tied to an oak, and tied to another, and stripped from the waist upwards, a youth of about fifteen years of age, from whom the cries came.