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MARFMesothelioma Applied Research Foundation
MARFMedical Acupuncture Research Foundation
MARFModular Audio Recognition Framework
MARFMedical and Actuarial Research Foundation
MARFMetadata Archive Retrieval Facility
MARFModifications and Additions to Reactor Facilities
MARFModification Action Request Form
MARFModified Advanced Fleet Reactor
MARFMedical Accommodation Request Form (Boeing)
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Further, in flies, interrupting fusion by either OPA1 or MARF suppression provokes cardiomyopathy.
They include the Al Ameen School, Mubarak Bin Mohammad School, Khalifa A Abu Dhabi School -- all in the Capital; Al-Raqiya and Amro Bin Al s Schools in Al Ain; and the Al Marf and Al Siddique Schools in the Western Region.
57) Khaznadar, Marf (2001), The History Of Kurdish Literature (Kurdish), : 59.
Raghavendra, Scientist 'E', National Institute of Malaria Research (ICMR) 22, Sham Nath Marf, Delhi 110 054, India e-mail: kamarajur2000@yahoo.
in the program) was started by Marf Wright, 35, an employee of a small private foundation, who had no event planning experience.
A KD68 million deal has seen Siemens delivering and installing a 132kV AHRF "C" substation at MAA and a 300/132kV MARF "W" substation at MAB.
This will allow a broad range of Spanish companies to have access to ratings which are recognized in the financial markets and, as a result, to capital markets, facilitating concrete and effective development of the new MARF (Alternative Fixed-Income Market).
Bianca, living hand to marf after her stint in the nick, feared she'd never be able to afford a tree, but came home to a purple cardboard one decorated with Pat's old earrings.
Ahmad Ali Marf, 25, of Cross Road, Edgwick, Coventry, driving with an incorrect licence, failing to produce a licence, using a vehicle without insurance, failing to produce a certificate of insurance, using a vehicle without a test certificate and failing to produce a test certificate, fined pounds 375.
MARF invites supporters to gather in the Rockefeller Center Plaza on September 26 for the live taping of the Today Show, which will feature information on mesothelioma and honor those who lost their battle with the devastating illness.
5mn contract, Siemens delivered and installed a 132kV AHRF C substation at MAA and a 300/132kV MARF W substation at MAB.
Shouldn't he have sung What A Mouth (what a marf, what a norf and sarf)?