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MARIAManitoba Audio Recording Industry Association (Canada; now called Manitoba Music)
MARIAMetering and Reconciliation Information Agreement (New Zealand)
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Anna Maria went down by way of the skirting-board and a window shutter to the kitchen to steal the dough.
Anna Maria said she thought that it was of no consequence; but she wished that Tom Kitten would hold his head still, as it disarranged the pastry.
Whenever she did speak, however, the gentleman listened with the most flattering attention, that was the more remarkable, from the circumstance of his talking frequently at the same time with Maria Osgood.
cried Maria, the instant the door had closed; "and I am dying to know how you like him
Maria was without ceremony sent away, and Isabella, embracing Catherine, thus began: "Yes, my dear Catherine, it is so indeed; your penetration has not deceived you.
I christened her Maria del Sol, because she was my first child and I dedicated her to the glorious sun of Castile; but her mother calls her Sally and her brother Pudding-Face.
A fine man he was," said Miss Maria, speaking for the first time.
On a day when she had filled her brood with what was left in the house, Maria invested her last fifteen cents in a gallon of cheap wine.
I hope Maria Bailey is all he thinks her," she added, softly, "for I could n't bear to have him disappointed again.
He was going to Lima, but he met Maria Valenzuela in the Tivoli hotel.
Bankers, Lombard Street), who had been making up to Miss Maria the last two seasons, actually asked Amelia to dance the cotillon, could you expect that the former young lady should be pleased?
Day after day, when school was over, and the pupils gone, did Nathaniel Pipkin sit himself down at the front window, and, while he feigned to be reading a book, throw sidelong glances over the way in search of the bright eyes of Maria Lobbs; and he hadn't sat there many days, before the bright eyes appeared at an upper window, apparently deeply engaged in reading too.