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And he accepted that name because Maid Marian had said it.
And if I be in love wi'en, so is Retty, too; and so be you, Marian, come to that.
So have you--so have we all," said Marian, with the dry frankness of complete indifference to opinion.
Because he likes Tess Durbeyfield best," said Marian, lowering her voice.
Seeing plainly that it would be useless to reason with her while she was in the room, Agnes hurriedly wrapped Marian in a dressing-gown, and carried her back to her mother in the drawing-room.
In half an hour more, Marian was peacefully asleep with her arm around her sister's neck.
I really cannot understand why Marian should place such a shocking interpretation on such a trifling thing,' Lady Montbarry remarked.
Then Marian tells how, when the huntsmen cut up the stag, they threw the bone called the raven's bone to one that sat and croaked for it.
But Maid Marian only scolds the more, and at last goes away leaving the others in sad bewilderment.
So he began to prate to Miss Marian of clubs, of teas, of golf and riding and kennels and cotillions and tours abroad and threw out hints of a yacht lying at Larchmont.
Miss Marian walked very well now; her limp was scarcely noticeable.
Your having Marian Halcombe to live with you can easily be settled by private arrangement," I said.