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MARIDMTA Authorization Records In DNS (anti-spoofing email authentication mechanism)
MARIDMica-Amphibole-Rutile-Ilmenite-Diopside (geology)
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Sendmail is an excellent vehicle to bring this new technology to the Internet," said Andrew Newton, co-chair of IETF's MARID working group.
Also, Omar Tellez, Director of Market Development at Openwave , will chair the Outreach and Communications subcommittee driving the collaborative engagement of standards and research organizations such as IETF- MARID, ASRG, and the SPF initiative, while at the same time managing MAAWG's communication program.
We are pleased to see Microsoft and the SPF community working together on a unified specification for IP-based sender identification," said Andrew Newton, co-chair of the IETF's MARID working group.