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MARINEManagement Analysis Reporting Information On the Naval Environment
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If, on the contrary, we DO know all living kinds, we must necessarily seek for the animal in question amongst those marine beings already classed; and, in that case, I should be disposed to admit the existence of a gigantic narwhal.
They ascended the accommodation ladder, were greeted by the Commodore, hat in hand, and passing along the quarter-deck, the marine guard presented arms, while the band struck up 'The King of the Cannibal Islands'.
It is frequently mixed with marl, and with marine substances in a state of decomposition.
3000 to the Limit--that is to say, up to the point when the blades make the air "bell"--cut out a vacuum for themselves precisely as over-driven marine propellers used to do.
said Harvey, who had a vague idea it might be some kind of marine torture, like keel-hauling in the story-books.
They were sons of subordinate officials in the Railway, Telegraph, and Canal Services; of warrant-officers, sometimes retired and sometimes acting as commanders-in-chief to a feudatory Rajah's army; of captains of the Indian Marine Government pensioners, planters, Presidency shopkeepers, and missionaries.
They wanted to know whether she, whom I expected to see, was dark or fair; whether that fascination which kept me on tenterhooks of expectation was one of my aristocrats or one of my marine beauties: for they knew I had a footing in both these - shall we say circles?
Even now March could not be certain whether the change was merely a sort of masquerade of sunshine, or that effect of clear colors and clean-cut outlines that is always visible on the parade of a marine resort, relieved against the blue dado of the sea.
As regards the optical instruments at their disposal, they had excellent marine glasses specially constructed for this journey.
But how often do we see along the bases of retreating cliffs rounded boulders, all thickly clothed by marine productions, showing how little they are abraded and how seldom they are rolled about
The infusoria, with the exception of two marine species, are all inhabitants of fresh-water.
At that time the Marine Board examinations took place at the St.