MARSOCMarine Corps Forces Special Operations Command (US Marines)
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The United States Army Special Operations Command, Naval Special Warfare Command, and MARSOC expanded on the FET concept by developing what became known as Cultural Support Teams (CSTs).
The current Deputy Under Secretary of the Navy, Robert Martinage, recommended in 2008 that the Air Force double the number of STSs, in order to provide steady-state support to each special forces group, Naval Special Warfare Groups 1 and 2, the Rangers, and MARSOC.
We support them to the absolute best of our ability, even if their requirements expand beyond what Marines in MARSOC are able to satisfy.
In addition to MARSOC, he has served with both force reconnaissance and battalion reconnaissance units deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan.
The posturing by the Marine Corps commandant and the MARSOC [U.
Every marine in the command learns how to fly the Raven B and the Wasp III, which are tossed up by MARSOC units to provide overhead coverage when larger systems like the Predator or Reaper are unavailable.
MARSOC is making great advances in its quest to build and operate in order to contribute directly to the Nation's overseas contingency operations.
Funds raised in support of the water-borne teams go to wounded veteran causes associated with the four primary charitable organizations: Phoenix Patriot Foundation, The Station Foundation, The MARSOC Foundation, and The Boot Campaign.
Olson, SOCOM commander, has asked MARSOC to deploy companies for special operations missions.
The Raider Project is composed of MARSOC veterans and is available to interact closely with active duty or veteran Marines in order that they achieve a smooth, peaceful and successful transition to the community of their choice.
For example, he noted, the Corps will have to pay $30 million a year just to cover hazardous-duty bonuses for members of the Marine Corps Special Operations Command, or MARSOC, that is now taking shape at Camp Lejeune, N.