MARSOCMarine Corps Forces Special Operations Command (US Marine Corps)
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The United States Army Special Operations Command, Naval Special Warfare Command, and MARSOC expanded on the FET concept by developing what became known as Cultural Support Teams (CSTs).
The current Deputy Under Secretary of the Navy, Robert Martinage, recommended in 2008 that the Air Force double the number of STSs, in order to provide steady-state support to each special forces group, Naval Special Warfare Groups 1 and 2, the Rangers, and MARSOC.
He also relates the history of Marine Corps Special Operations and the creation and organization of MARSOC, discussing its battalions, operations, selection and training, weapons, tactical gear, tactics, and procedures, and its future.
The Marine Corps Special Operations Command (MARSOC) is also regionally-aligning its operational units and taking steps to begin deploying small MARSOC teams with MEUs.
Clark offered a brief overview of MARSOC and needs related to cyber security and advanced analytics.
He suggested that MARSOC is still looking for its place in SOCOM.
THE CH-53E CREW OF HUSTLER 04 from HMH-772, MAG-49, 4th MAW, provided para-ops support for MARSOC over Hurlburt Field, Fla.
We support them to the absolute best of our ability, even if their requirements expand beyond what Marines in MARSOC are able to satisfy.
In addition to MARSOC, he has served with both force reconnaissance and battalion reconnaissance units deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan.
MARSOC Headquarters, the 2nd and 3rd Marine Special