MARSSMinnesota Automated Reporting Student System
MARSSMaintenance and Ramp Safety Society
MARSSMaintenance And Repair Support System
MARSSMulti-Sensor Airborne Reconnaissance and Surveillance System
MARSSMoney, Advancement, Recognition, Security, and Satisfaction (recruiting firm)
MARSSMeteorological & Range Safety Support
MARSSMedium Altitude Reconnaissance and Surveillance System (US DoD)
MARSSManufacturing and Resource Scheduling System (software)
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The MARSS surveillance program has been used since April 2013.
The historical MARSS database included 12,062 antibiograms from October 2012 to March 2013.
As a direct result of the FP7 funding, our company was able to expand and acquire the skills to create NIDAR,” said Johannes Pinl, Managing Director at MARSS.
For its MARSS program, McDonnell Douglas required a battery that could be fabricated in a large format with high capacity, yet remain thin, lightweight and physically flexible.
We believe that McDonnell Douglas's MARSS vest is an ideal application for our battery, and it could well be the forerunner of many new product designs that require an inconspicuous battery.
Often from different industrial sources and processes, and potentially destined for landfill, the use of MARSS can provide sustainable solutions.
8220;The survey not only shows the year-on-year utilisation of MARSS, but also how the flexibility of materials and sourcing are important; materials typically have transient or limited availability.
Brusco stated Lockheed, which is currently operating under a $76 million MARSS contract awarded in 2009, has a group of 65 employees who fly and maintain the aircraft, and provide logistics and supply chain support.
Total GHG emissions savings from the MARSS Test Plant: CO2 emissions savings 6 000 tonnes CO