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MARTEMars Analog Research and Technology Experiment
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Investigators said Cablayan used a Facebook account named 'Mikhaela's Beauty Essentials,' while Marte used an account under 'Manila Beauty Supplier' for their transactions.
Teatro dentro del teatro, la obra de Villoro nos pone una trampa a los teatrofilos: parece que veremos una confrontacion entre los astronomos Johannes Kepler y Tycho Brahe en el ano de 1600, pero no sera solo eso; quiza lo mas importante de La desobediencia de Marte es el que el dramaturgo desista de su--excelente, indudablemente--dicotomia dialogica por el poder entre los dos astronomos, para abrirse al drama del teatro.
Antes del sueno marciano de 2030 la NASA veia con ojos de esperanza a Marte y comenzo a realizar investigaciones.
Un hilo conductor de la mayoria de los articulos de este volumen es la fuerte conexion con la empresa cientifica de Marte dentro de Espana.
As well as Moroccans and eastern Europeans, many, like Marte, were Latin Americans.
Once completed, the MARTE programme is expected to be adopted across the globe: a small team of very specialised radiologists based in hospital will, provided they have the necessary telerobotic equipment, be able to examine patients in small, far-away hospitals or ambulances or navigable ships or planes (in which they will have the essential telerobotic equipment at their disposal) and could be anywhere in the world.
DE LEAFDES FAN JANNE (Janne's lovers) completes a trilogy by Riek Landman that began with the character of Grandmother Jentsje, continued with Mother Marte, and concludes with Marte's daughter, Janne.
Marla is meant to paint,'' said Marte Simpson, who co-owns the stuART gallery on Ventura Boulevard in Encino, where two dozen of the child-artist's paintings will be on display and for sale beginning today.
Antonio Marte of Conatra had said that a Korean financial institution would provide the financing.
on March 24 in the Queens, New York, town of Jamaica, Ramon Food Market clerk Edwin Marte was watching television during a lull in business.
Marte Dagre, from Norway, studying for a BSc in Business Computing and IT, received the award for best first year student in Introduction to Accounting and Finance.
Fortunately for us, one of our friends, Marte Yerkins, was a cabinet manufacturer in a previous life.