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MARTENSMechanized Assignment Records and Telephone Equipment Numbering System (telecommunications)
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In a Facebook post, Connor Martens makes a number of claims about the conditions at the North Carolina Correctional Institute for Women.
Shaped like a tree trunk, it is topped by an adult pine marten with two cheeky kits peeking out from a hole.
Martens is way cooler and even more popular than ever.
Conservationists are hopeful that raising awareness of the species will boost efforts to relocate pine martens to parts of the UK where they haven't been seen for generations.
Martens rest and den in locations that protect them from predation and weather elements, including: cavities, chambers, and broken tops (Raphael and Jones 1997; Bull and Heater 2001a; Slauson and Zielinski 2009; Joyce 2013).
Three female pine martens have had kits in Wales for the first time in a generation
Most recently, Dr Martens has served as corporate vice president of Operations, chief technology officer as well as chief operating officer of MannKind Corporation.
This year Dr Martens is celebrating the 55th birthday of its most famous boot.
net: "In Christin Martens, we have found an experienced business journalist for the new position as editor-in-chief of Business Insider Germany.
Sparks' three-minute film will be played in Newcastle's Doc Martens store on Grainger Street throughout the summer.
Legal protection of martens in 1988 allowed them to recover much of their former range and abundance (Tapper 1999), but the marten is still rare in Scotland, with only an estimated 3,500 adults, representing at least 95% of the British population (Birks 2002).
24 October 2013 a[euro]" UK private equity firm Permira Advisers Ltd has inked a deal to purchase the parent of domestic footwear maker Dr Martens for GBP300m (USD485.