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MARUMedical Architecture Research Unit (London South Bank University; UK)
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The 499-ton Ehime Maru of Uwajima Fisheries High School in western Japan's Ehime Prefecture was sunk by the 6,080-ton U.
Maru Sushi is finishing construction and is scheduled to open the week of Oct.
The 6,080-ton sub struck the 499-ton Ehime Maru belonging to Uwajima Fisheries High School in Ehime Prefecture, western Japan, during an emergency-surfacing maneuver off Oahu Island.
Relations have been strained by the February 9 accident in which the USS Greeneville surfaced suddenly, crashing into the Ehime Maru and sinking it in minutes.
The Kyoto manufacturer aims to boost to 5-billion yen ($41-million) its annual press-brake sales, based on Maru and Henmel's technology, by the year 2003.
Two of the vessels, the Minato Maru and the Shoshin Maru, have been detained for alleged illegal fishing.
For more information on The Kobayashi Maru Group, call 650.
For a time, Maru was even hailed as the Internet's most famous feline.
Philippines, May 22, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- During the first week of May 2012 a daring team of technical divers did an amazing 16 trimix dives to depths of +/-90m (300ft) using rebreathers on a WWII shipwreck that is believed to be the Kuda Maru, off the coast of Cebu, Philippines.
We will ask them that if they want our well being, then they should give us a separate state with Bikaner as its capital," said Jaaibir Godara, Founder-President, Maru Pradesh.
FCE noted that Maru was honored for his more than 30-year contribution to the development and commercialization of fuel cells for electric power generation.