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MARVMinimum Average Roll Value (textiles)
MARVMarburg Virus
MARVMammoth Armed Reclamation Vehicle (Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath; computer game)
MARVManeuverable Reentry Vehicle
MARVMobile Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle
MARVMars Aerial Research Vehicle
MARVMicroautonomous Robotic Vehicle
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But wondering how he's going to handle the mess Marv is creating makes "The Drop'' worthwhile.
Dwight and Marv try to rescue her from a heavily guarded mansion but her situation is not what it seems.
Before the fair MARV had caused a craze in advertising, but afterwards even more.
Histopathologic examination of liver of the infected bat showed no lesions that could be ascribed to MARV infection, and no MARV antigens were detected by immunohistochemical analysis.
When Marv Rexius was 31, he and his brother, Ray, were handed the reins of the family fuel service company when their father died of lung cancer.
SEXY NOIR: a femme fatale from one of Frank Miller's dark graphic novels and a cover picture; ANTI-HERO: Marv who is played in the film by Mickey Rourke
The biggest and heaviest part in MARV is the battery," says Weber.
Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) announces the addition of Marv Vander Weg in the role of Vice President of the EELV Customer Office, where he will be responsible for acquiring and managing EELV missions for SpaceX's U.
Although the MARV (Media & Advertising Racing Vehicle) will be launched officially during the world's largest sweets and snacks fair ISM in Cologne, Germany, on January 26 [sup.
Stag curator Oritse persuaded him to bump into unsuspecting Marv for real - and David was game.
We found MARV nucleic acid in 12 bats, comprising 3.
Falkirk star Latapy said: "I felt terrible for Marv because hewas in the starting line-up for our first game before he got injured.