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MARVINMulti-Purpose Aerial Robot Vehicle with Intelligent Navigation
MARVINMinimisation and Relaxation of Vacancies and Interstitials for Neutral Surfaces (UK)
MARVINMobile Autonomous Robotic Vehicle for Indoor Navigation (Robotics Laboratory University; Kaiserslautern, Germany)
MARVINMichigan Automated Response Voice Interactive Network (call-in service for Michigan's unemployment system)
MARVINMobile Autonomous Robot with Video-based Navigation
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Marvin is one of the most qualified lawyers Ive ever known.
It is all the more sad as Marvin was not involved in gangs or criminality and we believe he was an entirely innocent victim of a dispute that had nothing to do with him.
Knowing the possibility of winning at least a bronze medal in the light heavyweight division due to scarcity of entries from other countries, the boxing association executive director gave Marvin a two-way ticket to try out.
I'd be even more amazed if Marvin would settle for that.
Setting the record straight, Jolina revealed that she and Marvin almost became an item.
Marvin explained that the occasion made him feel as though he had been "hit by a train".
Marvin, who is married to Saturdays singer Rochelle Wiseman, said his daughter had changed his life.
We have to get something more out of Marvin before the season ends.
Dickey said "Sad to hear about the passing if Marvin Miller.
Following in the footsteps of engaged men before him, JLS star Marvin Humes has been humiliated on his stag do.
Jane's husband had passed away 12 years earlier, and upon reading the Reids' article, Mary Nell discovered that Marvin Reid was also a widower.
And imagine my surprise when I heard word Marvin Hume from JLS had landed himself the invite of a lifetime.