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MASCALMass Casualty
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This training included tactical convoy operations (including a live fire), aircraft integration, sling-load operations, vehicle recovery, and medical training with MASCAL operations.
It's a cheap and practical starting point that can be produced from raw biomass with high yield, Mascal said.
While most of the troop leadership had conducted stability operations prior to the bombing, none had been trained institutionally or prepared personally to grapple with the material and psychological trauma of a large-scale MASCAL attack.
Mascal said that the feedstock for the new process is levulinic acid, which can be produced by chemical processing of materials like straw, corn stalks or even municipal green waste.
Mascal CL, Landel R, Powers C (2003) Management of patellofemoral pain targeting hip, pelvis, and trunk muscle function: 2 case reports.
It also means developing and manning an ambulance coverage plan for the FOB, drilling the company to support FOB MASCAL incidents, and ensuring that the resources exist to treat a patient population with age and health problems that may depart from normal expectations.
A spokeswoman for Tesco in Sutton, Surrey, said: "As soon as Mrs Mascal contacted us we checked all our stock of Ready Brek and every item was within code.
Also, in the event of a MASCAL event, the operations NCO pushes all available lift assets to the platoon(s) in trouble, allowing the 1SG and the senior medic to move forward and assist at the scene.
Performance at low temperatures is a significant problem with B100 (conventional biodiesel), Mascal said.
The Baghdad Prison MASCAL was an example of this adaptive coordination in clearing the battlefield.
In January 2004, the possibility of a MASCAL became reality when 28 local national victims of an improvised explosive device in Kandahar City came to the Kandahar Airfield clinic for treatment.
Knutson was also Chief Financial Office/Treasurer of privately held Mascal Electric, Inc.