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MASCOTModular Approach to Software Construction Operation and Test (UK)
MASCOTMulticultural Advocates for Social Change on Tobacco (New Mexico)
MASCOTMarine Safety Center Office Tracking System (US Coast Guard)
MASCOTMilitary Air-Transportable Satellite Communications Terminal
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A cancer diagnosis is not easy on parents or children, which is why the people at Mascot Miracles feel motivated to provide a setting where families can make happy memories amidst cancer treatments and doctor appointments.
In the 1990s Everton gave the name of their greatest ever footballer to a giant children's mascot memorably described by the ECHO's Philip McNulty as a "six feet foam idiot".
Seven participants made the final round; their projects will compete for the right to become the mascot of the exhibition.
It was originally a pirate costume that was converted to look similar to the Arab mascot a few years ago," says David Hinkle, former secretary of the board of directors of the Coachella Valley High School Alumni Association.
The board's action was supported by a comprehensive Department of Education report that found organizations involved in Native American education uniformly opposed to Indian mascots and nicknames.
com in 2013 was about the hundreds of mascots that represent credit unions around the country to create a fun, entertaining presence at events such as branch grand openings, community events and even parades.
But the Arab debate spurs the same set of questions: Is it possible to craft a mascot in the image of an ethnic group that doesn't offend, or are schools better off scrapping the idea altogether?
However, while it may seem silly to some, Japan is enjoying a mascot boom.
Schools often select a mascot that conveys desired characteristics of their sports teams (Eitzen & Zinn, 2001).
Co-owner Alan Phillips said: "Matchday mascots are so popular at football and we have had youngsters at speedway and parents, in particular, asking why we didn't do something simlar.
The whole idea behind the mascot and the festivals is so that Dubai isn't known for just its luxury, rather, portraying the city as a family holiday destination bringing in more tourists.
An amusing Pifco blue glass illuminating owl, pictured, sold for pounds 100 with a bronze Ole Bill mascot signed by his creator, Bruce Bairnsfather, made pounds 180.