MASDAMultiplex Allele-Specific Diagnostic Assay
MASDAMetro Atlanta Square Dancers Association (Sharpsburg, GA)
MASDAMidwestern Association of State Departments of Agriculture
MASDAModel and Simulation Decision Aid
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The BioMerge software helps compare the genetic data generated by MASDA and SAGE to public genomic databases.
With MASDA, we have added a significant capability," said Elliott D.
Even though MASDA can detect multiple mutations, Integrated Genetics will not test every patient sample for all mutations unless such analysis is requested by the patient's physician and meets other guidelines for responsible use of genetic testing.
In addition to being able to identify multiple mutations to a single gene, MASDA can identify multiple genetic disorders within a single patient.
Theoretically, there is no limit to the number of mutations that we can identify with the MASDA technology," said Tony Shuber, inventor of the technology and senior research scientist at Integrated Genetics.
Integrated Genetics, the world's leading provider of genetic diagnostic services, plans to introduce MASDA into its clinical DNA lab in 1996.
Integrated Genetics will also use MASDA in the company's research program on predispositional testing, which is developing methods for determining susceptibility to various cancers and other diseases with a complex genetic component.
Additional potential applications of the MASDA technology include other types of DNA-based testing such as infectious disease diagnosis.
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