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MASIMelasma Area and Severity Index (dermatology)
MASIManhattan Sites (US National Park Service)
MASIMetropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky Institute (Saint Paul University; Ottawa, Canada)
MASIMach Airspeed Indicator
MASIMultithreaded Architecture for Software I/O
MASIManTech Advanced Systems International, Inc. (Glen Burnie, MD)
MASIMember of the Architectural and Surveying Institute
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Masi is confident the new partnership will soon click and believes he can emulate South Africa's World Cup-winning fly half Butch James in making the move from the midfield to No 10.
Masi DA, Jacobson JM, Cooper AR, Quantifying quality: Findings from clinical reviews.
The ex-student, identified only as "Jane Doe" in the decision, alleges that it was at least the fifth such harassment complaint to the college against Masi since 1999.
Italy coach Pierre Ber-bizier is set to announce his starting line-up today before departure for London, but Masi and Bergamasco - who have won more than 80 caps between them - are sidelined through injuries suffered against France in Rome last weekend.
Calvisano back Matteo Pratichetti and Overmach Parma flanker Robert Bar-bieri have joined Berbizier's squad as replacements, yet the double blow of losing Bergamasco and Masi will hardly help Italy's cause as they strive to avoid an eighth successive Six Nations defeat against England.
Fan favorite Hiro (Golden Globe nominee Masi Oka), who delights in his powers, didn't even appear in the first draft of the pilot.
A disappointing 80 minutes ended in farcical circumstances, as Sergio Parisse charged down a Gordon Ross attempted clearance, allowing Masi a simple touchdown.
Oberlin's food waste goes back into the soil at a three-acre organic garden a mile off campus, at the college's 70-acre George Jones Farm, which Masi now manages.
de Masi brings a wealth of experience from the digital communications industry, with a particular focus on new and emerging mobile technologies.
When you go out into the driveway, you can totally hear the traffic,'' Paul Masi said.
Ces indices aggravent leurs pertes annuelles a -1,18 pc contre -0,68 pc la semaine precedente pour le Masi et -1,07 pc contre -0,58 pour le Madex.
Masi was between two consenting adults and sometimes involved conversation and texting of a sexual nature and on a few occasions involved each of us texting sexually explicit photos to each other," Cole said.