MASIFMobile Agent System Interoperability Facility
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MASIF, the OMG mobile agent system interoperability facility.
Stomp Entertainment is the exclusive Australian physical distributor for some of the most influential international and domestic music labels such as: Victory, Sub-Pop, Ryko, Century Media, Saddle Creek, Ferret, Peaceville, Tooth & Nail, Metalblade, Get Physical, Defected, Anticon, Slamjamz, Renaissance, OM Records, Azuli, NRK, Popfrenzy, Resist, Crookneck, MASIF and many others.
Furthermore, in June this year, lower sixth form student, Matthew Brown, received a Football For All ( F FA) Community Relations Unsung Hero Award at our FFA Awards Night for his MASIF ( Movement Against Sectarianism in Football) Project to improve good relations in the Irish League.