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MASINTMeasurement and Signatures Intelligence
MASINTMeasurement and Signal Intelligence
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The new Gray Eagle can be configured for a variety of SIGINT, GEOINT, and MASINT pods and sensors to support various mission requirements.
The DOD intelligence enterprise must look over the horizon to an ABI analytic environment where such ISR sources as streaming FMV, MTI, OPIR, SIGINT, MASINT, SAR, spectral, and thermal imagery are integrated at the post-processed and georeferenced entry point and compared with archived collected data in an automated fashion.
Under cover of joint operations with host governments, pursuing narco-terrorists, or interdicting drugs or arms traffickers, American air support will be secretly mapping terrain and acquiring GPS coordinates, as they air-drop MASINT sensors across the countryside.
Level Sensor Type National (MINT still photography, experimental/ advanced and esoteric sensors Strategic (MINT, SIGINT, MASINT Operational (MINT-wide area focus, full-motion video, aerial photography Tactical (MINT full motion video
The company brings experience specifically in GEOINT and MASINT, which includes planning and direction, collection, processing and exploitation, analysis and production, and dissemination activities.
MASINT can be very good at detecting movement, and that can be very helpful both at the very local level and also with much bigger AOs.
UTAMS (Unattended Transient Acoustic MASINT Sensor) Mortar, Rocket, Explosion Locator
Should MASINT also have a single national manager, and, if so, which agency should assume the lead role?
Breakout tracks concentrated on maritime domain awareness; open source GEOINT in the 21st century; GEOINT insight and influence through functional management; interoperability, standards and architecture; DI2E challenges; emerging sensors and platforms; warfighter feedback; multi-INT integration; information sharing challenges, GEOINT and MASINT operations other than war; mastering the human domain; and cyber-location nexus.
Ball Aerospace creates software and hardware activity-based intelligence (ABI) solutions to increase the effectiveness of the collection, processing and exploitation of GEOINT, MASINT, LASINT, and Cyber intelligence.
The Intelligence Committee provides a forum for industry and government to address global awareness, persistent ISR, intelligence collection and analysis, MASINT programs and delivery systems, SIGINT and imagery (video) collection and dissemination, INTEL Fusion Centers, and actionable intelligence.
The teaming agreement allows Invertix, as the prime contractor, to extend its GEOINT and MASINT offerings to NASIC and affords Ball Aerospace the opportunity to maintain its position as a leader in innovative data exploitation technologies.