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MASMMacro Assembler
MASMMicrosoft Assembler
MASMMarinelife Aquarium Society of Michigan
MASMMuslim American Society of Minnesota
MASMMilitary Assistance & Sales Manual
MASMMather Aerospace Modelers (Rancho Cordova, CA)
MASMMichael Andrew Simon Michniewicz (artist)
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This enables the MASM algorithm to generate more abstract descriptions of agent role and actions.
1999), the MASM algorithm is able to generate rules that describe actions in a strategy.
We evaluated the MASM approach on 10 RoboCup games played during SSIL (Robocup 2004).
We have designed and implemented the MASM algorithm as a general domain-independent framework for discovering strategic behavior of multi-agent systems.
Professor John Fowler, co-director of the MASM Lab, said, "Among other things, we intend to use FabTime to support our research in wafer fab scheduling.
KS Silva trabalhou na analise de dados para a elaboracao do artigo; R Rozenberg, VCC Chuva e SF Costa participaram do projeto inicial; C Bonan e MASM Gomes trabalharam na elaboracao do texto e na revisao final.