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MASRMaster at Arms Seaman Recruit (US Navy)
MASRMicroarray Shared Resource (Ohio State University)
MASRMultiple Antenna Surveillance Radar
MASRmyelin-associated SUR4 protein
MASRMiniature Airborne/Spaceborne Reconnaissance (Data Link)
MASRMid-South Adaptive Sports and Recreation (Cordova, TN)
MASRMaster of Applied Social Research (Deakin University; Australia)
MASRMothers Against Street Racing
MASRMedial Antebrachial Sensory Response
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In addition, the expression of MasR was evaluated by western blot and immunohistochemistry (Figure 9).
Mada Masr has published several pieces based on the documents, including one about the alleged role of members of the Saudi royal family in helping an Egyptian businessman, wanted on corruption charges, smuggle some of his possessions to Saudi Arabia.
So delivering on an authentic cinematic dining experience, Studio Masr serves dishes 'inspired' by past movies, reflecting names of the historic films produced by Studio Masr.
Wessam Eldin Shehata, general manager, Creme de la creme, said: "Studio Masr restaurants are designed to give customers an exclusive dish from Middle Eastern Cuisine and an Egyptian film experience.
It is a personal choice, which should not be imposed on anyone," school teacher Anessa Abdelaalem was quoted by Bikya Masr as saying.
Bishop Youhanna Golta of the Coptic Catholic Patriarchate in Cairo told the Egyptian TV program Masr al-Jadida that Christians would ask moderate Muslims to help stop the reintroduction of the discriminatory tax and would refuse to pay it.
The conference was attended by Dr Alaa Idris, representing Masr el-Kheir Foundation, that is financing the research on the Egyptian side.
Fox News quotes a report filed by the news website Bikya Masr, as saying that this move could mark the latest repressive measure taken against women by the Islamic state.
Amer added "we have recently inaugurated Chili's Restaurant chain and Studio Masr Restaurant which are directly on the marina and soon we will move to Damascus and other Syrian cities.
Clashes mainly occurred in Mahatit Masr Square of Egypt's second biggest city of Alexandria, where two sides attacked each others batons and rocks.
And Dalia Ziada, a leading female blogger in Egypt, has also written a number of articles for Bikya Masr, offering a nuanced perspective on women's rights in the Muslim world.
Docu is the first pic to come out of newly resurrected Studio Masr (aka Misr), which was once the gold-feathered nest of classic Egyptian cinema and is active again under producer Karim Gamal El Din.