MASSOBMovement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (Nigerian separatist organization)
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The far-North, some of whose leaders responded, like MASSOB, to Obasanjo's ascendancy in 1999 by embracing Islamic Sharia law, also needs to be watched carefully.
The Massob has been described as the "most derisively opportunistic" of the ethnic militias and is nothing more than a thuggish platform for the marginalisation lobby.
The establishment of state police will bring us back to the days of ethnic militias where the OPC, MASSOB, Egbesu, ECOMOG and Yankalare held sway.
The consortium revealed, The faE*ade material that wraps around the stadium was similarly inspired by Ethiopian culture, modeled on the Massob, an Ethiopian communal serving basket made from woven grass.
Disowned by Ojukwu and the pan-Ibo "Ohaneze" group, MASSOB hoisted a Biafran flag, while the leader escaped on a motorcycle during the so-called ceremony.