MASSiTMatbaacilar ve Ambalajcilar Sitesi (Turkey)
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The new Secretariat will operate under the FY 18 budget structure for MassIT and continue to use office space currently occupied by MassIT in Boston and Chelsea.
gov will remain open for several months to allow MassIT and its partners to populate the site, evaluate user feedback, implement meaningful changes, and prepare for the launch of the full-scale redesigned Mass.
Nothing in this RFI shall be interpreted as a commitment on the part of MassIT to enter a contract with any respondent of to make any procurement.
MassIT Enterprise Information Technology Accessibility Standards found here
2) Accessibility Results Reporting: The report setting out the findings and documentation supporting the results of the Contractor s accessibility testing must include relevant screenshots and reference pertinent sections of the MassIT Accessibility Standards.
All work is to be performed at MassIT, One Ashburton Place, Boston, MA and, if needed, at the Massachusetts Information Technology Center ( MITC ), 200 Arlington Street, Chelsea, MA.
Unless otherwise agreed upon by MassIT and the successful Bidder, the software must be delivered no later than June 30, 2015, and services must be completed on or before June 30, 2016.
Tenders are invited for Raising/ Widening & Strengthening of Rewari Mohindergarh Road to Rampuri via Massit in Rewari Distt.
Tenders are invited for MassIT RFQ 15-27 IV&V for the Benefits Realization of the Enterprise eLicensing System (EES) ITS53TS.
Because MassIT is providing the funds to pay for the services of the IV&V Contractor, this RFQ is posted by MassIT, and the parties to the IV&V SOW will be the IV&V Contractor and MassIT.
MassIT and each Listed School will work with the winning bidders to install, configure, and maintain the required wireless access solution within each respective school.
Tenders are invited for MassIT RFQ 15-42 Cisco Catalyst 4500X Switches ITT50.