MASTORMultilingual Automatic Speech-To-Speech Translator (IBM)
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The official name is Multilingual Automatic Speech-to-Speech Technology, but IBM calls it MASTOR.
I am pleased to officially welcome the Mastors & Servant insurance professionals to the USI team.
Mastors is an expert on political psychology as it pertains to conflict, terrorism and political leadership.
Mastors is a recognized expert in political psychology and counterterrorism, having served as an Associate Professor in the Department of National Security Decision Making at the Naval War College, and as Chief of the Strategic Assessments Division for the Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence at the Pentagon.
Kevin Mortimer had three hits and three RBIs and Peter Mastors and Jim McNamara had two hits apiece for the 13-12 Hilltoppers against 2-8 Tabor in Marion.