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MaSuMachinae Supremacy (band)
MASUMediterranean and African Society for Ultrasound
MASUMoney Advice Support Unit
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Oshima and Wakai (13) investigated the characteristics of masu salmon harboring diphyllobothriid plerocercoids; rate of infection was 27%.
If FBR did not withdraw audit notices of such taxpayers, business community will go for final options to get their voice heard, Masu said while addressing a large delegation of Traders here on Thursday.
34) See Shipley v Masu Financial Management Pty Limited [2008] NSWSC 252, (Unreported, Hammerschlag J, 3 April 2008) [37], [38] where Hammerschlag J, applying the amended Uniform Civil Procedure Rules 2005 (NSW), cites the test developed in Wong v Silkfield without reference to the omission in the Uniform Civil Procedure Rules 2005 (NSW) of s 33N.
Sterilized masu salmon served as recipients for trout tissue.
and Masu Uekusa, (1976), "Industrial Organization," in Patrick, Hugh and Henry Rosovsky eds.
Masu Process Pumps UK Direct Sales, Contact Geoff Sanders Mobile:07799 665533.
In a speech between prayers, he expressed the hope 'me rawa ni na mana, dei kina, na cakacaka levu edatou sa mai qarava rawa, ena bogi edaidai' ('that the great work we have just completed tonight will be effective and permanent'), and in the prayer which completed the night's ritual, he requested of God, 'Ni vakamanamanataka na qaqa ni masu sa cabo oti' ('Please make the words of the prayers already offered mana').
64) Where plentiful supplies of machetes were unavailable, the attackers used knives, spears and masu, bulky clubs with nails affixed to the ends.
Care worker Conart Masu, aged 45, of Wyken, received a gift voucher and certificate for his service to Goldsborough Home Care, in Warwick Row, city centre.
9) ibid, pages 171-175; Hattori Takushiro, Complete History of the Greater East Asia War, Masu Shobu, 1953, Vol 3, pages 13-14.
Anisoara's father-in-law Masu, 48, told a Sunday newspaper his son had committed no crime.