MASWMissouri Association for Social Welfare
MASWMultichannel Analysis of Surface Waves
MASWMalaysian Association of Social Workers
MASWMaster of Aboriginal Social Work (Canada)
MASWMission Application Software
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MASW technique has been developed in response to the shortcomings of SASW.
This MASW test is done in Delhi at various locations by spreading multiple geophones for estimating 2D Velocity profiles.
Acquired surface wave seismic data is transferred to the Seisimager/SW software developed by OYO, Japan through spectral inversion to obtain 1D and 2D MASW shear wave velocity profiles.
In 1994 MASW formed a group to examine changes in welfare policy and the potential for asset-based strategies to combat poverty.
A major role of advocacy and education organizations, such as MASW, is to collect and disseminate information.
For example, although MASW collaborates with state officials in the CED work, at times it disputes state policy.
In the case example, the CED committee found that progress was limited because it was an all-volunteer group, and the MASW staff was stretched thin, covering a broad range of pressing state-level issues.