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Still farming, my family had moved to a ranch on the bleak sad coast of San Mateo County, south of San Francisco.
According to Mateo, fixing or rehabilitating old jeepneys would be useless because these would still be phased out by 2020.
Mateo along with Linda appeared on the show on Tuesday (18 March).
We strive to identify and provide a rich set of innovative services and tools that will help our members grow their businesses and sustain the vitality of the greater San Mateo area business community," said Linda Asbury, President and CEO, San Mateo Chamber of Commerce.
It's not fair for my family, or your family watching today, that people like this get away,'' said Mateo, who liked to give her nephew $5 to give her a kiss.
In a story based on historical journal entries of sailor Antonio Pigafetta, readers experience the voyage through Mateo, surviving hunger and peril, meeting natives both friendly and hostile, and witnessing the outcome of planned mutiny.
Earlier studies had only demonstrated kin recognition that leads to preferential treatment, Mateo says.
Como Abraham en el Monte Sinai, delante de la zarza ardiente, se descalza porque se encuentra ante el que Es, Mateo hace lo mismo frente al fulgor del mundo.
Strain has lived in the San Mateo area for more than 30 years: "I grew up here and have enjoyed seeing this part of the Peninsula develop and provide the amenities that support a thriving business community while maintaining its charm and accessibility for residents," he said.
San Mateo was charged with violating the Public Service Act for leading a transport strike in February 2017 against the jeepney modernization program.
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