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MATHMaster of Arts in Theology (degree)
MATHMichigan Autumn Take-Home (math challenge)
MATHMen of Asia Testing for HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus; research study; various locations)
MATHModular Air Transportable Hospital
MATHMental Abuse to Humans
MATHMeprin and TRAF (TNF (Tumor Necrosis Factor) Receptor-Associated Factor) Homology
MATHMental Abuse towards Humans (mathematics slang)
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Three separate ANOVAs were used to compare American students' attitudes toward math study with the other countries.
The teenagers with bipolar disorder scored much lower on a broad range of math problems than those in the other two groups did, the researchers say.
Known as the "Nation's Report Card" and housed within the Department of Education's National Center for Education Statistics, NAEP tests in math, science, and reading have been regularly administered to a representative sample of students at ages 9, 13, and 17 since the early 1970s.
Bishop observes that these students usually required no remedial math, and that many of them became top students at the college.
As a former middle school math teacher, I know how resistant kids can be to learning math," said company founder and CEO Michael Edlavitch.
gs/arithmetic) at Hooda Math will increase the time students practice their math facts.
Before the program was implemented, the high-performing school hovered in the 78th percentile in math proficiency scores, says Principal Erin Kominsky.
The Palmdale School District saw gains in students who scored at the proficient and advanced levels in both English and math, but they still numbered fewer than a third of students overall.
Recent studies have shown that with drills, core math facts become so engrained in the student's mind, that the brain actually moves them from short term, to long term memory.
Math Monkey Education Center Hong Kong is an academic education center which originated from the USA in 2006.
Do we really believe that the reason that there are so many foreign applicants to our graduate programs is that they teach math and science better in other countries?
MCPS incorporated the greatest strengths of Singapore Math into its revised mathematics curriculum in 2001, and the results have been excellent.