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MATHMLMathematical Markup Language
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Miner, "The importance of MathML to mathematics communication," Notices of the AMS, vol.
EPUB supports multimedia (something PDF also does) and the XML standard MathML, which is useful for documents needing to express math equations.
With context-free grammars such as MathML or DocBook, leading to combinatorial systems of hundreds of equations, he could compute the oracles in a few seconds, and produce random documents of 10,000 nodes in less than one minute on a standard PC.
The concept of content reusability is implemented by using standard formats such as XML, MathML, SCORM.
create or manipulate the XML document My Contract Hypothetical Editor Editor for MathML Commonality User moves to User moves to select a clause select an expres- to receive a sion to be modified new Then or or evaluated Implication Anything that Anything that is is newly added added or selected is or selected is displayed in red.
Document coding and tagging have become more sophisticated, ranging from the more simplistic HTML to XML or MathML (which is used to mark up some of the most challenging mathematical technical documents).
Special purpose markup languages are built on top of XML such as RSS, MathML and MusicXML.
A plugin is also available to convert formulas into images or MathML.
According to XyEnterprise, the new release also adds enhanced XML schema and Xpath support, as well as a new integration for MathML editing, using the Design Science MathFlow Editor.
equation searching--displaying and searching equations that are embedded in metadata fields such as title or abstract in formats such as LaTeX or MathML.
It also covers MathML and OMDoc, which are additional tools for the transfer and display of mathematical equations on the Web.
It also gives users the ability to convert equations in a document to TeX, LaTeX and MathML formats.