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MATIMescalero Apache Telecom Inc (New Mexico)
MATIMass Analyzed Threshold Ionization (spectroscopic technique)
MATIMartial Arts Training Institute (North Carolina)
MATIMunicipal Administration Training Institute (Canada)
MATIManagement of Accelerated Technology Innovation (Kellogg School of Management; Northwestern University; Evanston, IL)
MATIMaine Air Toxics Initiative
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All this was attentively observed by the listeners, who exchanged looks of approbation; and the expressions of “ tonguey mati,” and “I guess Squire Lippet knows if anybody does,” were heard in different parts of the room, as vouchers for the admiration of his auditors.
While speaking to Waqt News Mati Ullah Jan said, "Earlier Kashmala Tariq agreed for the interview.
killing of Richard Lubiano and Jerry Mata in Barangay Central in Mati City could be drug-related.
At the inception of hearing Mati Ullah Jan filed new undertaking related to apology in the court.
The announcement of his appointment as bishop-elect of Mati was read after a Mass celebrated as part of the 18th annual gathering of friends of REMASE, a group formed to support the studies of seminarians in Mindanao.
Advocate General Mian Abdul Rauf, ICT Prosecutor Safeer Hussain Shah and respondents Mati Ullah Jan, Mohammad Ali Javed, Sardar Hameed and Zeeshan Mehmood appeared before the court in compliance with its orders.
This newly issued patent further enhances Mati's patent portfolio, which consists of 100 issued patents and numerous patent applications to which Mati has exclusive rights in the US and other major international markets.
The MATI meeting aims to promote technology transfer and scientific collaboration among countries in the Middle East and North Africa through defining joint scientific projects for people's life and health.
Panicked and devastated, Mati goes on the run, and when Rosie's younger son George, who has Down's Syndrome, realises his brother has done a bunk he runs away too, to try and find him.
IMF Mission Chief for Tunisia Amine Mati spoke to the Fund's internal publication, IMF Survey, about lingering risks and the priorities of the new economic programme, particularly following the post-Arab Spring agenda of the first programme.
That is why the authorities requested a follow-on four-year programme, the Extended Fund Facility, to support their economic vision of modernising the country's development model and reducing existing vulnerabilities," Mati said.
Mati a mis en relief l'impact positif de cette loi sur le tissu bancaire en Tunisie, notamment dans le domaine du renforcement du secteur face aux aleas et egalement dans la facilitation de l'intermediation financiere.