MATICMoroccan American Trade and Investment Council
MATICMobility Assessment Test and Integration Center (Laguna Indian Reservation)
MATICMorphology and Timing Intracardiac Classifier (electrical engineering)
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NEMANJA MATIC overshadowed Jose Mourinho's return to Sporting by making his own Champions League mark last night.
NEMANJA MATIC was out in London when his little son, Filip, thought he'd spotted Benfica's "big red bus", which used to take his dad to work in Portugal.
NEMANJA MATIC has revealed he came close to having his first taste of English football - with Middlesbrough.
NEMANJA MATIC completed his PS21million return to Chelsea last night after forcing a move from Benfica.
trade officials to resolve the few remaining issues and to adopt formally the necessary legislative protocols and legal changes," said Ted Smith, president of MATIC.
The global market doesn't wait for anyone, so at MATIC, we're working hard now to develop our trade and investment ties with U.
MATIC is a trade and investment promotion organization established as an initiative of King Mohammed VI of Morocco to maximize trade and investment opportunities between Morocco and the United States.