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MATIFMarche A Terme International de France (Paris Futures Exchange)
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a/c/e - alliance/cbot/eurex ADX - Australian Derivatives Exchange CME - Chicago Mercantile Exchange EUREX - European Exchange LIFFE - London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange MATIF - Marche A Terme d'Instruments Financiers MONEP - Le Marche des Options Negociables de Paris NYBOT - New York Board of Trade SFE - Sydney Futures Exchange SGX - Singapore Exchange
He currently serves as a Non-Executive Director of LIFFE and has also held multiple terms on the Board of Directors of the CBOT, CME, and International Advisory Board of MATIF.
In addition, cross-exchange access with MATIF will provide members of both trading communities the ability to trade a broad array of global risk management instruments.
First developed for equities, the NSC system was launched for futures trading on MATIF (Marche a Terme International de France) in April.
The fundamental investment aim of Cristal Obligation Sicuriti is to obtain a performance close to that offered by 1-3 year French bonds by investing in the French options market, the MATIF.
The company remains a leading broker of MATIF derivatives products.
GLOBEX(R), the automated matching system for futures contracts built with the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the MATIF futures exchange in France, is not likely to continue beyond 1998 as the original partners develop their own systems.
The agreements call for a link with LIFFE to trade short-term interest rate contracts and a link with MATIF to trade medium- and long-term interest rate contracts.
And we are proud to strengthen our partnership with MATIF, which, thanks to its expertise in long-term interest rates through trading of its flagship Notionnel contract and with the key role of France in building the EMU, will rank among the leading derivatives exchanges for euro contracts.
It's a winning strategy, not only for Merc, LIFFE and MATIF members, but for the customers served by all three exchanges.