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MATLABMaterial Laboratory (US NASA)
MATLABMatrix Laboratory
MATLABMatrix Laboratory (Mathworks, Inc.)
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MATLAB Distributed Computing Server will be available in SNIC's six data centers, allowing researchers to run their computationally intensive MATLAB programs on SNIC's high-performance computing clusters.
The subject of the public contract is to supply one piece Multiplatform school multiuser configuration software product MATLAB / Simulink, one piece of software product MATLAB Distributed Computing Server, 1 piece Commercial product configuration MATLAB / Simulink No.
MathWorks, a developer of mathematical computing software, reported today the availability of MATLAB Coder, designed to enable design engineers to automatically generate readable, portable C and C++ code directly from their MATLAB algorithms.
The new tool apparently allows quantitative analysts to easily and confidently migrate prototype code developed in the MATLAB environment to final production code in advanced programming languages such as C or FORTRAN while still using the same robust algorithms.
Access to NAG routines in the integrated and interactive MATLAB environment that makes MATLAB such a popular alternative to C and C++ for application prototyping.
The NAG Library, which is accessed via the NAG Toolbox for MATLAB, is a comprehensive collection of mathematical and statistical algorithms.
Control algorithms have to be written in a universal programmable language supported by both MATLAB and PLC, because of its transmission into the PLC.
An entirely new desktop houses a set of tools that allow both new and experienced users to easily learn and apply MATLAB features.
MathWorks today introduced Release 2012b with major updates to MATLAB and Simulink that significantly improve use and navigation.
The school-wide license includes MATLAB plus 20 additional products for parallel computing, test and measurement, data analysis, signal and image processing, symbolic math, and optimization.
The MATLAB algorithms eventually need to be converted into C code for integration into the final product.
In November 2010, MATLAB fans worldwide tackled a collaborative programming challenge as part of the 22nd MATLAB Online Programming Contest.