MATMMe Against the Music (Britney Spears & Madonna song)
MATMMAC Address Table Manager (Cisco)
MATMMaster of Arts in Teaching Mathematics
MATMManda and the Marbles (band)
MATMMultiple Asset Tasking Message
MATMMelting Alloy Temperature Monitor
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The resources in MATMS are arranged over a straight line [1, n] as in [10], and the wind function win(i) is the set [i - w, i + w] [intersection] [1, n] if w is a window size.
Cowen DCH, Dip Hyp Mast (USA), Grad Dip App Hyp, MastCH, FAHA, MATMS is a clinical hypnotherapist and lecturer.
Thomas Dellmann ND MSoSc MATMS is a naturopath, homoeopath, naturopathic lecturer and doctoral candidate at the University of South Australia.