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MATNMain/Alternate Telephone Number (ISDN BRI)
MATNMultimedia Augmented Transition Network
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Matn al-risala by Imam Ibn Abi Zayd al-Qayrawani (Casablanca: Dar al-Rashad al-Haditha, 1431/2010), 24--it is the dawn (subh) prayer; while according to the Hanbalis it is the mid-afternoon ('asr) prayer--e.
Summary: BEIRUT: A person is in custody after allegedly firing at a convoy of Phalange Party cars Sunday which led to a stand-off in the Matn town of Bikfaya.
Project Location: Elissar, Matn, Mount Lebanon, Lebanon
Matn Deputies, Ibrahim Kanaan, Nabil Nicolas, and Ghassan Moukheiber, held today an extended meeting comprised of Matn municipalities heads.
16:00 Inauguration of the Kataeb Debate section at the northern Matn village of Dawwar,with a number of intercessions by leading Kataeb members.
Using as an example a hadith now of supreme relevance to those who fly, it can be seen that a hadith has two parts: the matn (the body of the report):
See Jonathan Brown, "How We Know Early Hadith Critics Did Matn Criticism and Why It's So Hard to Find," Islamic Law and Society 15.
The Lebanese Ministry of Energy and Water MoEW plans to rehabilitate and expand the Bsalim substation in Matn, Lebanon.
63) Here al-Azdi follows a practice common enough among historians of his period, giving two partial isnads for a single matn.
Project Location: Zalka, Matn, Mount Lebanon, Lebanon
9-17 was inserted into the matn before the phrase wa-tahsila kamaliha min jihati 'l-[ilmi.