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MATRAMulti Agency Threat and Risk Assessment (UK)
MATRAMid-Atlantic Tent Renters Association (est. 1992; Wilmington, DE)
MATRAMécanique-Avion-TRAction (French defense company)
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So-and-so, my lassie is thriving well, but would it no' be more to the point to say, "O matra pulchra filia pulchrior"?
9 /PRNewswire/ -- INTELSAT today signed a contract with Matra Marconi Space for the purchase of one K-TV satellite for use in the Asia-Pacific region at 95 degrees E longitude.
DENVER, July 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Auto-trol Technology Corporation and Matra Datavision today jointly announced a marketing agreement that, in part, will provide Auto-trol's Series 7000 customers with a migration path to Matra's CAD/CAM technology, including EUCLID3, STRIM, and the new generation of products called EUCLID Quantum.
In the first semifinal match GCP defeated Government Post Graduate College Charsadda by 31, the score was 2521, 2325, 2519, and 2520 while in the second semifinal Govt College Matra beat host College Naguman, Charsadda Road by 31, the score was 2520, 1925, 2523 and 2518.
In the first singles Zia-ur-Rehman was beaten against Hammad of Government College Matra by 3-1, the score was 21-19, 23-21, 16-21 and 21-18.
These are being made available to US customers by MATRA in collaboration with EMS.
For some reason, and I have never been sure why, Matra gave this car side-by-side seating for three in front.
Known by Matra as Project P, it was seen as a replacement for the MatraSimca Rancho.
Matra officials will be writing to the housing association and Gwynedd Council demanding an urgent meeting to discuss the issue.
Ron Fasbinder, director of consulting, of MATRA explained, "Because standards for tooling are currently decentralized, component standards are habitually outdated and add millions of dollars to many industries' supply chain costs because individual OEM suppliers are burdened with the overhead involved in maintaining their own component libraries.
Renault and Matra plan to build 9,000 units this year, reaching a rhythm of 100 per day at full production with breakeven occurring at around 18,000-20,000.
MG Rover spokesman Gordon Poynter said the suggested link with Matra was speculation.