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MATRICMid-Atlantic Technology, Research and Innovation Center (South Charleston, WV)
MATRICMidwest Agribusiness Trade Research and Information Center (Ames, IA)
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Replacing regular hydrophilic sand particles by hydrophobic sand particles does not affect the structure of the soil itself, but at a given matric potential it changes the distance between the flow paths and, thereby, the means to get water to the allowable pore space at that particular matric potential.
The ratio of matric passes in 2013 to grade 2 enrolments in 2003 is 40.
Matric has expanded its operations by adding 20,000 square feet to its existing 55,000-square-foot manufacturing facility and by purchasing new machinery and equipment.
Using this model with an in situ calibration for each situation, Cabidoche and Ozier-Lafontaine (1995) calculated the matric water content and the macro-crack volume from soil layer thickness measurements.
A source in the ECP said that political parties have proposed to the ECP to fix a minimum of matric qualification for the chairman and vice-chairmanship of the local government.
According to the Controller Examination, a total of 58,578 male and female students had appeared in the matric examination 2015 from which 43,069 passed the exam.
MATRIC is currently engaged with West Virginia's legislative, gubernatorial and congressional leadership and the West Virginia Coal Association to resolve this latest issue.
Written complaints were sent to chairman RBISE with regard to clerk appointed in marking center at Asghar Mall College Rawalpindi that he was entrusting the papers of matric examination to middle and matric pass females for marking at private level against the rules and regulations of the board.
However, the mobile phones and other cheating material were recovered from various students appearing in the exams of Matric and necessary action was also taken against them.
All the enrolled students from Matric to postgraduate-level will be informed about the mailing date through sms messages, where their cell numbers are available with the University.
They said even most of the senior teachers who had passed matric before 1970 were deprived of promotion creating disparity and mental agony among them.
KARACHI -- Board of Intermediate Education Karachi (BIEK) has announced that those students who have passed Matric Supplementary examination 2014 can participate in Intermediate Annual examination 2015.